Task Ant Review – Changing the Instagram Hashtag Game

Task Ant Review – Changing the Instagram Hashtag Game

There’s no shortage of competition in any Instagram niche, so having an optimal strategy for your Instagram account is more important than ever. Aside from content, hashtags are probably the most important thing you can do to optimize your Instagram performance. 

Hashtags were first used on Twitter in 2007, and have become a staple for all social media networks ever since. Hashtags allow content to become discoverable through hashtag organization and feeds, making it easier for people to find content that they’re interested in. 

Using hashtags on Instagram is a vital part of your Instagram strategy. But where to begin? There are so many options when it comes to hashtags— after all, you can use up to thirty on each post. How do you know which ones to choose? How do you know which ones are trending? 

While many people use a “shot-in-the-dark” approach to hashtags, it’s not the best way to get your content seen by more people. For this reason, Instagram hashtag generator tools have become a popular option, and there are quite a few of them available. 

In order to help make your decision easier, we’ve done our research to bring you this Task Ant review. In this review, you’ll learn about the possibilities that await your account when you use Task Ant and just how likely you are to see better results. 

Let’s dig in! 

What is it? 

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Task Ant is an Instagram tool that helps you to better understand hashtags and which ones can get your content more discoverability. It’s described as a way to manage and analyze Instagram hashtags, which means that it’s completely allowed in terms of Instagram terms of use and won’t get your account into any kind of hot water. 

There are many third party services that have effectively been banned or targeted by Instagram for going against their terms of use; these services usually use bots or automation for fortifying follower counts. You don’t have to worry about that anymore with Task Ant— Task Ant is a totally legit way for you to get your content out to more people, taking the headache out of your Instagram growth. 

You’ll get access to a bounty of information that can help you better understand hashtags, how they are performing in relation to your niche, which ones will get you more reach, and more. Task Ant is an all-in-one tool for hashtag strategy development on Instagram.

It’s also used by over 10k creators, brands, and marketers, which gives it a solid reputation and a proven track record. 

Let’s take a look at the features that make Task Ant a powerful Instagram hashtag tool. 


Task Ant Dashboard

Task Ant provides their clients with a variety of well-developed features that are optimized for Hashtag analysis and management. Let’s examine each one in more detail to see just how effective they are. 

Hashtag Discovery 

Task Ant Hashtag Sets

Knowing which hashtags to use can be a pain. It takes a while to test out different hashtags and analyze your data, which is why Task Ant makes things so much easier and straightforward. 

With Task Ant, you can search for hashtags and find ones that are of high quality when it comes to your specific niche. That means your hashtags will be gaining you more profile views, followers, impression, and content reach than ever before. 

You’ll gain access to not only regular hashtags, but you’ll also be able to check and make sure that your hashtags are not banned or flagged. Task Ant also allows you to filter your hashtags according to key hashtag metrics, which is such a useful feature. 

Not only that, Task Ant is supported in multiple languages, and you’ll get 40 hashtag suggestions for each search that you perform on Task Ant. 

Hashtag Sets 

Task Ant Hashtag Generation

Once you decide on the hashtags that make the most sense for your account, you’ll be able to create different sets for easy organization and super quick posting. You can create different sets for different content types that you typically post, and you can try out different combinations that you put into your created sets. 

Task Ant makes it so easy to post these hashtags with a dedicated mobile app for your sets, and you won’t have to waste time trying to find that note that had all of your hashtags listed. It’s a much more effective and efficient way to keep your hashtags under control.

Hashtag Performance 

Task Ant hashtag-insights

You’ll be able to see hashtags that are performing well, what hashtags you used and ranked on, as well as insights that are backed by data from your actual hashtags usage. 

In addition, you’ll be able to understand different metrics that indicate successful hashtags. Some of these metrics include average likes, comments, total number of posts with that hashtag, potential reach, and so much more. 

The Task Ant hashtag tool is incredibly powerful and specific, allowing you to better understand the hashtags you’re using and also see some actionable performance data that can help you turn hashtags into a real Instagram growth strategy. 

How to Grow Your Account Through Hashtags 

Task Ant Next-Level Hashtags

A lot of people on Instagram underestimate the power of hashtags; while a great proven method for Instagram growth is to engage with followers in your target audience, this can be very time consuming. 

When you optimize your hashtag strategy, you’ll be able to have a simple way to gain more reach without doing anything at all. Hashtags truly influence the reach and impressions that your content gets, so it would be silly to overlook such an important part of your Instagram performance. 

Task Ant makes it so easy and seamless to understand how to create your hashtag strategy and even makes it simple to post them on your content through their set organization. 

One common mistake that people make when using hashtags is that they just put a big mix of a bunch of random hashtags or ones that they’ve seen on Instagram. 

When you use a hashtag like #beauty or #love, you’re virtually wasting a hashtag that could’ve otherwise given you more reach. Why are these hashtags ineffective? They are so general, that they will be used by people all over the world, in any niche. This won’t get you any targeted views and is unlikely to get you more followers since anyone could be seeing your content. 

What’s more, general hashtags have too many posts being uploaded every second, which means that your content gets pushed down the feed way too fast for anyone to really see it. It’s like a disappearing act. 

It’s much better to use hashtags that are targeted and that are performing well for specific content in your niche— this type of strategy is one that can actually get you more followers, and that’s exactly what Task Ant will help you to create. 

Review Conclusion

If you haven’t been using hashtags for your Instagram, it’s never too late to add to your strategy. Don’t miss out on a big chance to get more reach and followers for your account; your content gets seen by more people when you use the right hashtags. 

Task Ant is by far the best hashtag Instagram tool that provides you with real, actionable data that helps you shape a hashtag strategy, and it also allows you to organize them for seamless posting. We love Task Ant!  

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